Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions:


Engagement: Sanaari hereby engages Trainer to perform training services related to the business of Sanaari , with high standard of initiative, efficiency and expertise and Trainer hereby accepts such engagement.


Services: Goals and priorities for training & support will be decided jointly between the Sanaari and Trainer may address a wide range of IT Skills.


TERM. This agreement shall commence from the Immediately Effective and is Valid for One Year, unless earlier terminated pursuant to hereof. This Agreement may be renewed or extended for any period as may be agreed by the parties.


PLACE OF WORK: Trainer shall deliver BY Online / offline / corporate training services and Project Support works at SANAARI or at client place by online as required and mutually and reasonably agreeable to Sanaari and Trainer/consultant.


RATE/CONSIDERATION:  Sanaari agrees to pay Trainer fixed amount of


As per your updated in Trainer application rates applicable Payment is due prior to the first Real-time Online Training session hereinafter, the ‘Real time Online Training scheduled to occur in that month. Payment shall be made after total completion of the Training and subject to acceptance of the feedback from the student’s pertaining to the course. The payment shall be made after deduction of all applicable TDS taxes as per statutory rules as levied by Govt of 10% on total fixed amount and shall be paid only vide mode of check or NEFT payment after completion of  Total Course payment is done .


All the deliverable to the candidates has to go through Sanaari and no direct communication has to be done. For Classroom or Online or Corporate, all the sessions will be recorded and monitored and shared to student and clients.


You have to be punctual with timings. You have to JOIN Classroom session before 5 minutes of class time and you should keep your all necessary documents,Ppt’s,lab and all required documents and you need to test all laptops,projector and required white board pens.


You should not share your email / mobile number or any kind of personal information to CLIENTS /Students in case if you misuse the terms and conditions of the company your payment will be stopped.


Daily covered topics mail should send to Sanaari along with next session topics. Every day class documents/code/lab materials etc should be sent to Sanaari and give a soft copy for all students via pen drive.


You should have Laptop all software installed and good condition with good speed without any problems and You have to install required software for all students laptop or pc.


Once Classroom /Online /Corporate training timings are fixed, you should not change any day or any time.


You have to teach on each and every topic as mentioned in syllabus with theory practical’s You have to provide every day lab case study.


You have to review candidate’s labs daily and monitor accordingly


Material has to be given to every participant. You should not use any other copy write or any company material while giving presentations.


You have to maintain software/ hardware with good condition without any problems. In case your training is not going well if the students are not happy if the client stops training then you & us will not get any compensation.


Payment will be released AFTER successful completion of the syllabus and Course Training. Payment is due for Release after fully completion of the training. You need to submit Invoice send via email your pan card copy and bank details. After completion of training payment will be made through NEFT.


  1. Retail Training :Online/offline - Payment done after one week of the completion the training.
  2. Corporate Training :Offline / Online  Payment will be made after 30 to 35 days form the date of completion training.

Consulting : As per rates calender month payments


Real time practical sessions must be made


You must have Required software installed PC/LapTop


Support : If client or Students Need Support after training we have to support. Hence you may need to be available for One more day for online support or in person for a day as per the clients convenience after the training.


Session Duration :as per training schedule confirmation duration and time slots and dates


All Legal Matters Jurisdiction to Hyderabad Only.


Validity : This Agreement is valid only for Training assignment and Project Assignment 

Please read the document and accept the agreement..